Crontab Configurator

A while back I was referred to the Cron method for my automations in Shortcuts. If you aren’t familiar with this it is the easy way to manage multiple automations on different dates and times.

Back in June 2021 Josh Holtz published the Cron shortcut on his website. A shortcut which is modified later on by Mark van Alstine to accept text input.

And now a few days back I decided to make a shortcut that can generate and delete automations and save you the hassle of editing the text file every time. This is all handled by the shortcut.

Crontab Configurator

So what do you need to make this work

1. The Cron shortcut modified version

2. The Cron configurator shortcut

If you want to read more about how Cron works please check out the original post by Josh Holtz (link)

Special thanks to Mark van Alstine ( better known as Mvan231 in the shortcuts community ) for providing me feedback while testing the best approach.

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