Social media downloaders

Highly requested by users on several platforms are social media downloaders; in this article, we sum up a few of them for your convenience.
Please keep in mind that this may work now, but if the social media platforms make changes, they can stop working.


YouTube PIP & Downloader
Author: Robric18
> Download here

Picture-In-Picture play from YouTube app or Safari
Download YouTube Videos without needing any other program
Save Audio from videos
Trim videos or audio files downloaded from YouTube
YouTube Download
Author: Gluebyte
> Download here

lets you download videos, shorts, audio, subtitles. From 144p up to 8K + HDR.

Multiple platforms support

All Media Downloader
Author: 1MrNewton
> Download here

All media downloader is a shortcut for downloading content from: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, and Twitter. It’s absolutely free, high speed, and has unlimited downloads.
Author: Net00
> Download here

Download media from a massive collection of websites


Instagram Media Saver
Author: Mvan231
> Download here

Save photos, videos, stories, and reels
Instagram Download
Author: Gluebyte
> Download here

Public or private posts, stories, highlights, reels, profile – up to 1080x1920 60fps


Author: Heismauri
> Download here

DTwitter lets you download the media from a public tweet.
Twitter Video Downloader
Author: Saif
> Download here

Twitter Video Downloader (TVDL) is the oldest Twitter video downloader for Siri Shortcuts. It doesn't claim to be a Swiss Knife of social media downloaders but instead, it focuses on one thing and does it well.


Facebook Video Downloader
Author: Mvan231
> Download here

Download videos from Facebook


Author: Heismauri
> Download here

DTikTok lets you download TikToks without watermark directly from your share sheet without installing any extra app.

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