About me

Steve Jobs once said, Learn continually; there’s always “one more thing” to learn! I couldn’t agree more with him on this.

We will never stop learning; every day we will learn something small or maybe even large. All those bits of knowledge help you grow as a person.
People who claim they know everything are close-minded; I like to see myself as an open-minded person.

Open to opinions from others, open to learning new stuff, and most importantly, open to suggestions and feedback. Because who says that my way is the right way?

So who are you?

I like to refer to myself as the “keeper of the zoo.” I’m married, have 3 kids, 8 dogs, and 4 cats. Apart from all that, I still find time to do what I like.

My passion lies with technology, mainly Apple shortcuts and automations. The goal of this blog is also aimed there. I started working with shortcuts just prior to the transition from workflow to shortcuts. Since then, I have been developing new ways to make my life easier.

But why would I keep that convenience all to myself? Shortcuts has an amazing community backed by multiple Discord servers and amazing websites where creators can publish their work.

If you are new to all this, I invite you to join us and experience it for yourself. It may give you new perspectives on daily tasks you hadn’t thought of before.

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