• Update in a different way

    Update in a different way

    We all know updaters in Shortcuts, they have been there since Workflow was introduced. Like Shortcuts they come in many different variants all with their strengths and weaknesses. Recently a new member on the Discord Shortcuts server published his version of an updater called “ Very smol updater “ this name sounded funny to me…

  • Crontab Configurator

    Crontab Configurator

    A while back I was referred to the Cron method for my automations in Shortcuts. If you aren’t familiar with this it is the easy way to manage multiple automations on different dates and times. Back in June 2021 Josh Holtz published the Cron shortcut on his website. A shortcut which is modified later on…

  • Social media downloaders

    Social media downloaders

    Highly requested by users on several platforms are social media downloaders; in this article, we sum up a few of them for your convenience.Please keep in mind that this may work now, but if the social media platforms make changes, they can stop working. Youtube YouTube PIP & DownloaderAuthor: Robric18> Download herePicture-In-Picture play from YouTube…

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