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Starters Template
iOS: 16
Last update: 30 - 08- 2023
About this shortcut

This template is for the creators out there who want to improve their shortcuts. It has a lot of features which are adjustable to your needs. It supports multiple languages and many more fancy features.

– multiple languages
– Fully equipped menu structure
– Pre generated VCF menu’s
– Updatekit API included

DICT based VCF menu
iOS: 16
Last update: 02-08-2022
About this shortcut

a new approach on VCF menu’s. Some of the creators in the community like me amongst many others are looking into making their shortcuts more fluent and cleaner.

Array Builder
iOS: 17
Last update: 14-10-2023
About this shortcut

I’m working on a word game and needed a way to quickly put over 1800 words in an array. I created this shortcut and used another shortcut by Gluebyte called Dictionary Action Builder to convert the generated JSON into a shortcuts dictionary.