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Shortcuts folder

If you want to display a folder with shortcuts on a device that hasn’t an action button you can try this workaround.
It’s a bit of a MacGyver approach but whatever works to achieve your goal.

The credit for this approach goes u/Next_Artichoke_3142 on Reddit.

How to create this

  1. Go to your shortcuts app and to the automations tab.
  2. Select the + sign in the top to add a new automation
  3. Choose for the automation when app is opened
  4. Choose an app you don’t use to use it for the trigger

Now this is Important choose the option Show folder shown in the image below.

Choose a folder in the folder selector to display ( side note: only the first 8 shortcuts in that shortcut folder will display in the prompt )

Make sure the automation runs without confirmation and immediately.
Now you can choose to make an additional automation if you are sure you ain’t gonna use the app anyway.
Add another automation for when the same app is opened and add the action “return to homescreen”

This way the app will show for a second go to the background and your folder will show on the homescreen.

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