VCF Menu’s the basics

Well known in the shortcuts community are the VCF menus, or contact card menus, whatever you like to call them. They have a wide variety of customization options and are therefore used in many shortcuts.

What you might not know now is that there are more options and approaches to this than you were aware of.

The regular approach

This method is used by the majority of the creators out there, it works for most of us, but there are also some people who just want more.
So you start with using a VCF text this should look like this.

N;CHARSET=utf-8:Title goes here;
ORG;CHARSET=utf-8:Option subtext;

The next important step is to insert the set name action.
This action ensures that shortcuts understands it’s a .VCF file we are using.
Assign the text magic variable to the set name action and type menu.vcf

The choose from list will create the actual menu using the two variables above. So what you need to do is assign the renamed item variable to the choose from list action. Tap the variable and change the type to contact.

If you did everything like mentioned above your shortcut should look like this.

In the next tutorial we will talk about the use of icons and BASE64.

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