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Supercharge Safari with Surfed

In this app highlight article, we are talking about the app Surfed, which was developed by Matthias Hühne.
He is a Mac and iOS developer located in Kronach, Germany.
The app has over 20 actions for the shortcuts app to interact with the surfing app.


I value my privacy, and I’m sure you do too. When using Surfed, it requires access to your browsing data to interact with the pages you visit.
This interaction is needed to determine when an action needs to be triggered and also to create the best experience for you as a user.
All data is stored locally on your device and isn’t shared in any way with the developer.
You can even choose to exclude “private browsing” sessions from your history log in the app.

So what is this app

It manages your Safari browser history, but in a way you couldn’t imagine before using this app.
You can easily search your history using multiple criteria and generate insight on many levels.

Web Trigger

Sure the large number of shortcut actions gives a lot of opportunities, however, the real gem of this app are the web triggers.
These are criteria you can set to perform tasks automatically when browsing on your device.
For example, the developer has an automation running to look for mentions of his app. he surfs on every website he visits.
If a mention is detected, the app automatically adds tags to the link so it can be found easily later.

Inspired by his example, I did the same for my own blog. And it works like a charm; the trigger automatically scans every website I visit for the set criteria. And if there’s a match, the tag is added.

Not sure where to start?

The developer has you covered there also, the app has an gallery where prebuild automations are available for you to use. Also if you build something and feel like it could be a good fit for the gallery you can send it to the developer to add it to the gallery.

One more thing …

Yes, I did it, I quoted Steve Jobs again, but that I value him greatly is no secret.
The mentioned automatic adding of tags is just the tip of the iceberg of what the app Surfed really is. Here’s an overview of the available options so far.
I’m positive you agree with me on the endless possibilities this app gives you as a user. Hence the title of this article, “Supercharge Safari with Surfed.”

In conclusion

The app Surfed is an app you must have, whether you are a Shortcuts user or not. Either way, it expands your automation possibilities greatly.

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