Declutter with Dictionaries

As you are starting out with shortcuts, you may not be aware of the added value dictionaries have for your shortcuts.

They are capable of holding large amounts of data, all organized on different levels.

For example, when using a VCF menu in your shortcut, you can use text blocks that contain the VCF code and the base64 for the icons. Although this becomes messy real quick, if you are like me, you like clean, organized shortcuts.

Shortcut Highlight | Dictionary based VCF menu’s.

a new approach on VCF menu’s. Some of the creators in the community like me amongst many others are looking into making their shortcuts more fluent and cleaner.

download here
A VCF file is a standard file format for storing contact information for one or more persons or a business.

In shortcuts its used for displaying nice looking menu’s

So what is the difference between the old method and the new method? The old method puts everything in one text block, making it look like this.

The old method

But if you use dictionaries to store the Base64 value, it gets a lot cleaner and easier to manage.

The new method

So you see how dictionaries can help you declutter your shortcuts. Of course, they have many more possibilities. But that is something I will write about in future articles.

To add the dictionary value to your text, add the magic variable from the dictionary in the displayed place. And refer to the corresponding key.

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