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Hello There

Greeting cards, we all know them and love to receive them because they make you and me feel special or even appreciated. Cards like these come in many different variations, from happy birthday to get well soon.

However, after every card you receive, regardless of how special, there has to come a time to throw it away. Because, let’s be honest, you can’t keep them all, right?

The app

The “issue” mentioned above is exactly where the app Hello There comes in handy. You can digitize all your greeting cards.

You could ask yourself, “Why would I digitize my greeting cards?” Well, let me tell you, seeing a card you received a while ago appear in a widget has something very special about it. Just reimagine how you felt when you initially received the card.

Widget, you say? Yes Hello There are also widgets to randomly display the cards you received. But that is not all. If we look at sorting methods, we can sort by sender, event, or even hashtags you added when digitizing the cards.

Shortcuts integration

The shortcuts integration is pretty simple but still useful, the actions supported can provide you with counts. These counts can refer to how many senders you have or how many cards you have in the app.

The developer mentioned some more advanced shortcuts actions in the future but that is something what is still on the shelve for now.

Shortcuts actions available in the app

In conclusion

I asked Ryan (the developer of this app): “Do you feel the progress of getting more digital every day has made people more distant from each other?” This was his answer.

This is a great question! For some people, yes it absolutely has. Others I think have learned to supplement real life with their digital lives in moderation. I think the beauty of Hello There is that it combines the physical with the digital – it takes something tangible and real that someone made for you, and allows you to keep it in your pocket just a glance away – along with a thousand others.

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